Conferences 2016

  • 9.-10. 12. 2016 Conference 'How to Resolve the Crisis of Constitutional Democracy in Central Europe', Ljubljana, Slovenia. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'The Strasbourg Court Meets Abusive Constitutionalism: Baka v. Hungary'

  • 1.-2. 12. 2016 Conference 'Limity transparentnej justície' [Limits of Transparent Justice] organized by Supreme Court of Slovak Republic, Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Samuel Spáč – 'Ako môže súdnictvo profitovať z transparentnosti' [How the judiciary can benefit from transparency]

  • 25. 11. 2016 Conference 'Mezinárodní lidskoprávní závazky' [International Human Rights Commitments], Brno, Czechia.

    Hubert Smekal – 'Mezinárodní lidskoprávní závazky: teoretické reflexe' [International Human Rights Commitments: theoretical reflection]

  • 11.-12. 11. 2016 ASIL Research Forum, Seattle, USA. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'Transitional Justice in Regional Human Rights Courts and the Paradoxes of International Justice'

  • 2. 11. 2016 Lecture at the Bergen University, Bergen, Norway. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'Judicial Councils and the Future of Judicial Self-Government'

  • 31. 10. 2016 Lecture at the Oslo University, Oslo, Norway. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař'Future of Judicial Self-Government: Dilemmas and Challenges'

  • 25.-26. 10. 2016 Conference on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Czech Senate, Prague, Czechia. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař'Výběr soudců Ústavního soudu'

  • 9. 9. 2016 ECPR General Conference, Prague, Czechia. (BeCom)

    David Kosař – 'Politics of Judicial Independence in Czechia: Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law between Court Presidents and the Ministry of Justice'

    Katarína Šipulová and Hubertem Smekalem – 'Referencing International HR Law by Constitutional Courts'

  • 8. 9. 2016 ESIL 12th Annual Conference, Riga, Latvia. (BeCom)

    David Kosař – 'European Human Rights Architecture: The Crucial Role of the Domestic Level and the Constitutional Courts in Particular'

  • 2. 9. 2016 AHRI Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands. (BeCom)

    Katarína Šipulová and Hubert Smekal – 'Referencing International HR Law by Constitutional Courts'

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