Conferences 2017

  • 26. 10. 2017 Lecture at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

    David Kosař – 'Constitutional Identity of the Czech Republic'

  • 5. 10. 2017 Roundtable 'Judicial governance bodies as agents of change', National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine.

    David Kosař – 'Judicial councils in transitional justice countries'

  • 13.-19. 9. 2017 Lecture at the New York University School of Law, New York, U.S. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'Populism and Separation of Powers'

  • 6.-9. 9. 2017 ECPR General Conference, Oslo, Norway. (JUDI-ARCH)

    Hubert Smekal 'International Human Rights Case Law in Domestic High Politics'

    Katarína Šipulová – 'Constitutional Courts as Catalysts of Democratization'

    Hubert Smekal and Katarína Šipulová (co-authored with Jozef Janovský) – 'Political Regimes and Commitment Patterns'

  • 5.-7. 7. 2017 Conference ICON-S 'Courts, Power and Public Law', University of Copenhagen and iCourts, Copenhague, Denmark. (JUDI-ARCH)

    Katarína Šipulová – 'Slovakia: Democratic Backsliding and (Ab)use of Constitutional Identity: Slovakian Place in the Concept of Fundamental Constitutional Values of the European Union' and 'Externalities in Transitional Justice Decisions: The European Union and Transitional Justice Processes in Post-Communist Countries'

    Simone Benvenuti – 'Images of judicial self-governance. A comparative and historical study of three main jurisdictions: France, United Kingdom, United States'

    David Kosař – 'Constitutional Identity of the Czech Republic' and 'Transitional Justice in Regional Human Rights Courts and the Paradoxes of International Justice'

    Jan Petrov – 'International Input to Domestic Implementation Mechanisms in the ECHR System'

  • 20.-23. 6. 2017 International Meeting on Law and Society, Law and Society Association, New Mexico. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař (co-authored with Samuel Spáč) – 'From Transmission Belts to (Semi)Autonomous Actors - Chief Justices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia'

  • 22. 5. 2017 Conference 'The Separation of Powers: A Global Constitutional Dialogue', American Society of Comparative Law a University of Milan, Milan, Italy. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'Liquid Separation of Powers in central Europe'

  • 12.-13. 5. 2017 Conference for Junior Researchers at Stanford Law School, Standford, U.S.

    Nino Tsereteli – 'Managing Legitimacy in Times of Change: the Evolution of Remedial Powers and Legitimacy Management Strategies of the European Court of Human Rights'

  • 4.-5. 5. 2017 Workshop 'Judicial Resistance', Paris, France. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'How to Tame the Judiciary: Lessons from the Communist Czechoslovakia'

  • 27. 4. 2017 AHRI conference 'The Promotion and Enforcement of Human Rights by International and Regional Organizations', Leuven, Belgium. (BeCom)

    Katarína Šipulová, Jozef Janovský and Hubert Smekal – 'Understanding adoption of international human rights treaties: political regimes and commitment patterns'

  • 21. 4. 2017 Conference 'Krize liberální demokracie v Evropě' [Crisis of Liberal Democracy in Europe], Prague, Czechia. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař'Nástroje obrany liberální demokracie v Evropě' [Tools for the defence of liberal democracy in Europe]

  • 6. 3. 2017 Lecture at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. (JUDI-ARCH)

    David Kosař – 'Constitutional Identity in the Czech Republic: A New Twist on the Old Fashioned Idea?'

  • 28. 2. 2017 Presentation of the paper, University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

    David Kosař co-authored with Ladislav Vyhnánek – 'Constitutional Identity in the Czech Republic: A New Twist on the Old Fashioned Idea?'

  • 22. 2. 2017 Workshop 'The role of the European Court of Human Rights in the Community of Final Interpreters', Barcelona, Spain.

    Jan Petrov – 'Typology of Consitutional Courts' Roles in Implementation of the ECtHR's Case Law'

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